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Prepare for Name a Weakness Job Interview Question

Don’t be tripped up when you don’t expect to be asked to “Name a Weakness”. Prepare a thoughtful answer that meets the interviewer’s need for information without blurting out a hasty answer.

This question can be very stressful if you are not expecting it. But the preparation we’ll describe can actually make you welcome the question.

I’ll point out a few things to avoid and direct you to some valuable resources that can help you understand your weaknesses in a new light.

What You Shouldn’t do when asked to “Name a Weakness”

Are you tempted to say “I’m Just too conscientious and dependable”? In the past, job seekers were encouraged  to reframe a virtue as a weakness by claiming to have it in excess. If it ever worked, today it’s likely to be seen for what it is.

Assume your interviewer is too sophisticated to accept that strategy. They will write something down on the paper, but you won’t like it.

prepare for the name a weakness job interview question

name a weakness – wisely – without revealing too much

As tempting as it may be to suggest you don’t have any weaknesses, all that’s going to do is leave a blank spot on the page where the interviewer intended to make notes.

Your objective is to dispel the interviewer’s concern that you have a significant weakness that will show up later and sabotage your success. It’s costly to hire staff and everyone wants to avoid hiring mistakes. If your answer reassures them, it has done its job.

The interviewer knows that we all have weaknesses. As we’ll see in a moment, every personality type has strengths along with characteristics that can be weaknesses in some environments. Acknowledge that simple fact and relax. Continue reading