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Prepare for the Most Valuable Skill Job Interview Question

Unprepared, “off the cuff” answering guarantees you’ll choose a skill that’s not the most valuable for this position, this firm, at this time, and you won’t communicate it clearly.

That’s why this post focuses on knowing your own skills, what the employer needs and communicating that clearly and succinctly.

Do You Know Your Most Valuable Skill?

Can You Name Your Most Valuable skill?

Can You Name Your Most Valuable skill?

How accurate is your self-assessment?

Is it even current?

Have you grown over the past year? In your current position?

Today’s highly-competitive employment marketplace demands a serious commitment to gathering facts about yourself.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter internal resistance as you undertake this project. You may even doubt that you have any skills that the average person on the street doesn’t perform at least as well as you. Continue reading