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Prepare for 50 Job Interview Questions

Prepare for 50 Job Interview Questions

Prepare for 50 Job Interview Questions

Prepare for 50 job interview questions that are commonly asked, instead of “winging  it” and hoping for the best. Doing the hard work of preparing well-crafted responses for the most likely questions,  makes sure that the you and the employer exchange the information that each needs to make the decision that is right for both. 

To see all 50 questions, I invite you to check out the Slideshare presentation below. While you are there, take a look at the first of a series of 50 presentations that will explore in-depth how to be ready to deliver a great answer.

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Check out the 50 Job Interview Questions presentations on Slideshare!


I hope you like the format and enjoy the visuals They may even help you remember the questions and your answers.

Need Help to Prepare for 50 Job Interview Questions? Watch this space.

Knowing the questions you can expect is just the start. To really handle them well takes lots of thought and careful preparation.

Over the next few months, I’ll add individual presentations with guidance for each of the 50 questions. Here are the first:

1. Prepare for the “Tell me about yourself” Job Interview Question

2. Prepare for the “How did you prepare for this interview” Job Interview Question


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Now a short note on how the slideshare presentations were created, using a new app for the iPad.

Create Stunning Presentations easily with the Haiku Deck app for iPad

I decided to put this together after using Haiku Deck to create several other presentations and enjoying the distinctive approach that the app brings to presentations. It’s a new (to me)  app for the iPad that makes creating visually appealing presentations a joy rather than a drudgery. Forget about looking all over the internet for relevant photographs. Just choose from one of a hundred or so that  they suggest to you, based on your key word. And you don’t need to concern yourself with permission to use the photos. Haiku have taken care of that.

if you don’t have an iPad, a web version is now available.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net