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Prepare for the “Were You Ever Fired” Interview Question

Prepare for the Were Ever Fired Interview Question

Prepare for the Were You Ever Fired Interview Question

If you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you regularly dread this interview question more than any other. Unfortunately, dreading a question doesn’t make it less likely to be asked.

Today, interview questions come from a predetermined list that will be asked of every candidate .

That’s intended to make the process fair and objective and the answers more comparable.

Buy for the unprepared, the “Were You Ever Fired” interview question is unsettling. Your facial expression alone, and your body language, may reveal much more than you’d prefer.

It Matters WHEN the Question is asked

If you’re asked “have you ever been fired” in a pre-screening telephone interview, a brief response is likely best. If you were fired long ago, a brief context and lessons you learned will ease their concern.

If , in the worst case, you were fired from your most recent position, you’ll want to have a more complete response that can be offered whenever the question is asked. Continue reading