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How You’ll Contribute to our Success Interview Question

When the interviewer asks “how will you contribute to our success”, bring together your story and what you have learned about this employer and this position.

 What Does the Employer Think will “Contribute to Our Success?

contribute to our success

Will You Contribute to Our Success?

You’re going to need a clear idea of what the company believes drives their success.

Unless you’re applying to be the president, start with what they’ve already stated to be the principal driver of the company’s success.

You can find that out in publicly available materials. If the company is publicly traded, The annual report is a good place to start.

For broad statements about the company’s plans, vision, mission, read the president’s letter to shareholders.

Look for clear, simple statements that you can use in your interview. Work your way through the rest of the annual report looking for relevant statements.

Check the company’s name in the news. You don’t want to walk into the interview oblivious to a major announcement. If the interviewer refers to something that was announced yesterday, you don’t want to act puzzled.

Frame your own story to “Contribute to our Success”

Now connect your history of achievements to their success drivers. Remember, they asked you how you will contribute to their success. The best way to answer that is telling them how you contributed to your previous employers’ success. Continue reading