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Learn from Gold Medalist Stephen Kiprotich – In the end it’s up to you!


Stephen Kiprotich

You usually can’t tackle the biggest goals without the help of others, but there is often a time when you need to break away from those who got you this far if you want the highest prize.

It’s been a few weeks now since the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. I’m sure we all have particular memories that won’t soon fade. Like the Queen welcoming James Bond into the sanctity of her room, then skydiving from a helicopter into Olympic Stadium. Nor will l soon forget the end of the men’s marathon. When I switched channels to the marathon about 45 minutes earlier, it was clear that unless something shocking occurred the three particular athletes in the photo would garner the medals. They had already created sufficient distance between themselves and the next closest runner that it was unlikely they would overcome the gap. Continue reading