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Frustrated with matching your skills and experience to employer needs? Overwhelmed by superficial advice on preparing for interviews? Wondering how to add skills to your resume to land a promotion or another job? Then you’re in the right place.

My aim with this blog is to teach you how to prepare credible stories that dismiss interviewers’ doubts, by starting well in advance of future job interviews.

 The content you’ll find here serves two areas:

  1. Microsoft Office Skills Checklists: These very popular skills checklists make it easy to credibly communicate your level of proficiency in the most popular Microsoft Office programs. I created these checklists when I discovered that employers were requesting Advanced Word Skills but no one was providing guidance on what that actually meant! Using these checklists. You can set out to demonstrate to an employer that you can perform these skills for them, even though they far exceed the requirements of your previous positions. Check out the Microsoft Office Skills Checklists and related articles. 
  2. 50 Job Interview Questions: I’ve set out guidance for planning solid responses to a wide range of job interview questions. Eventually, each of the 50 questions will be addressed in a brief Slideshare presentation and in a blog post. I’ll explain the reason the question is asked, what they really want to know, and the pitfalls of counting on “winging it” rather than undertaking the hard work of preparing a story that they won’t soon forget. You’ll find the complete list of currently available resources on Job Interview Questions here.

I know that many job seekers who are perplexed by the changes they have seen in the job market. I can relate to that feeling.

My best advice is that you take responsibility for managing your own career by learning what employers require for the position you want. Then assess your own strengths and weaknesses and set out methodically to undertake projects that demonstrate those skills in a way that you can credibly show employers on your resume and in an interview. They want to know if you can hit the ground running. It’s up to you to prove that you can.

I won’t offer instant results without effort, but I will show you how knowing yourself and what you have to offer will take the fear and mystery out of selling you and the benefits you have to bring to employers.

Take a look around and drop me a note if I can help!

6 thoughts on “New to the Site? – Start Here

  1. Wendy

    Thank you so much for the MS Office Suite checklists and other helpful information.
    I have bookmarked your website.

  2. Catherine E. Swintosky

    Finally! I found a tool (Microsoft Office Skills Checklists) that defines what employers call “proficient” in their job descriptions. Another aspect of this tool, is that if your computer skills are weak (like mine), you now have a measurement of your skill level and where you want (or need to) be. And you can use the checklists when you are talking to educators and/or job counselors to find further training.
    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to create such a great tool for job seekers!


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