Social media cross-training: let Flickr make you a better blogger!

Social media cross-training could give your blogging skills the boost they need. Posting your photos on Flickr can teach you essential social media skills and strategies more quickly than blogging!

The usual advice is this: focus your attention and energy on one specific strategy and refuse to be distracted. Great advice much of the time, but not necessarily when it comes to blogs and other social media. Concurrent social media pursuits can actually be beneficial.

You create traffic in one by spending time in another. Your Pinterest presence sends blog visitors. Facebook activity pumps Twitter traffic. As you probably already know, this is not just wise, it is essential.

But are you aware of the learning benefits? Lessons learned in one social media site apply elsewhere. The skills and habits you need to thrive on Flickr readily translate to the challenge of growing your blog. And those essential lessons that I find hardest to learn with establishing my blog came more intuitively to me on Flickr.

Two examples:

  • Regular posting on Flickr will reward you, but it’s not the end of the world if you miss a day or two. Your photographs are still there and if you tag them appropriately people who find them interesting will find them. A  single photograph can have 50 views in one day when it hasn’t had that many in the previous month. Your stock of photos is an asset that remains available for viewing 24 hours a day whether or not you are active. Don’t misunderstand me. Your work to promote your photographs over time is essential but once you accumulate a number of photos people who are interested in that subject matter will find them. Your Flickr account and your blog assets that are working for you. My blog traffic actually grew during a period when I wasn’t actively posting for more than a month.
  • Always remember that a person, not a computer, visits your Flickr account or reads your blog posts. Getting to know people who look at your photographs by visiting their Flickr account is a great way to start a relationship. When you follow someone else, they often reciprocate. Comments and favorites from other visitors add legitimacy to your work. Serious photographers don’t need anyone else to tell them that your pictures are quality or appealing  but more casual visitors respond favorably to positive response from other viewers. It all helps to sustain Flickr traffic and blog followers.

These “insights” seemed easier to absorb on Flickr account because the feedback from actions is so much more rapid. I now consider it cross-training when I take a little time out from the blog to work on the Flickr account. There are lulls in activity on both Flickr and the blog but  often notat the same time. If you are beginning as a blogger, unless your goal requires that you be at the top of some ranking of similar blogs, enjoy the journey and don’t stress about how fast your blog traffic grows!

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