I can’t “Should Have”. Neither Can You!

You can act today. or act tomorrow, but not yesterday.

You Can't "Should Have"

You Can’t “Should Have”

Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best, in his book Your Erroneous Zones, way back in the 90s. Nobody can “should have”.

It makes no sense to try to “should have” or to beat yourself up because you can’t.

Wishing that you could, or letting someone else scold you because you won’t, is entirely pointless.  Instead, take an action today that can make for a better future.

This week I have been helping an elderly man and his wife move from a home to an apartment. All he talked about was the amount of accumulated stuff that could have been thrown out (or sold) long ago, making the move much less stressful.

I assured him that his experience was a common one. Six years ago I experienced the same regrets when I downsized.

Recognizing now that you could be better off today if you had acted earlier or taken better care of an important relationship is a worthy lesson learned, but not something to dwell on indefinitely. Only future actions can be changed.

What “Should Have” Keeps You Up at Night?

One of the first realizations that you will encounter when you find yourself in the job market is a long list of things you should have done over the last few years.

If you had stepped up and initiated some projects when you had a chance, you would have a resume full of accomplishments.

If you stayed in Toastmasters instead of dropping out, you’d have outstanding public speaking skills and wouldn’t dread every speaking assignment.

Stop regretting and start changing your future. Start a project today that can be featured on your resume in a few weeks.

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