2 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic Skills Checklist


    Just copy and pasting makes me feel incompetent and I’m an intermediate to advanced skill level per your checklists. It looks awful trying to copy paste in Word and Excel. I finally printed to PDF and then used my PDF converter to Excel and spent a lot of time modifying that. That’s a lot of work. Did I miss something in the instructions? You say to copy and paste. Maybe you have MSOffice 2018 (yes I’m being facetious) and I’m back on 2010.

    I think the checklist is a great idea, but thinking I might just print the pdf and hold it as a self evaluation.

  2. Suzanna Burchell

    Thank you so much. At long last there is something to help clarify what is meant by ‘basic’ or ‘intermediate’ and so on.


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