MS Office Skills Checklists

MS Office Skills Checklists:

There’s no need to fear an employer’s questions about your proficiency in MS Office. Use the applicable MS Office Skills checklists below to clearly and credibly communicate to employers exactly what tasks you are able to perform with various Microsoft Office software.

Microsoft Word Skills Checklists:

Microsoft Word 2010 Basic Skills Checklist

Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate Skills Checklist

Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced Skills Checklist

Microsoft Excel Skills Checklists:

Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic Skills Checklist

Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate Skills Checklist

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Skills Checklist


Microsoft Outlook Skills Checklists:

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Basic Skills Checklist


Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Checklists:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Basic Skills Checklist

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 AdvancedIntermediate Skills Checklist


These blog posts provide explanation of use of skills checklists.

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4. Communicate your Microsoft Excel skills clearly and succinctly

5. Document your Microsoft Word Skills

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8. Microsoft Word 2010 Basic Skills Checklist for Job Seekers

9. Job interview questions on Microsoft Office skills



Additional checklists will be added as they become available.

33 thoughts on “MS Office Skills Checklists

  1. mrsdoyle2

    An excellent resource for tracking current Microsoft skill levels and identifying areas for improvement. Thank you so much for putting together such a helpful website.

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  3. Sha

    Thanks a lot for your checklists. Even though not for a job interview it does give clarity as to where one stand wrt their skills.

  4. Gail

    This is a SUPER resource! Thank you for taking the time to design these great checklists. From these I now know what specific features/skills I must improve upon.

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  6. Malik

    Thank you so much for these resources. They will be invaluable for me as I review and revise my resume, and hopefully prepare for job interviews.

  7. rahmat navis

    dear Mr. Dan Amirshaw thx for your posting. this is very usefull. i think you can add any software like Autocad, etc.

  8. Marie Bernard

    While updating my website and trying to remember all the MS Office skills I have, I across your site. It has been very helpful for me to be able to add some of the skills I just assumed people would know.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work in maintaining these amazing lists.


  9. Jamie

    These are fantastic! I consider myself fairly proficient with Word, but looking at these lists there are still a fair few gaps in my knowledge.

    It could be quite a big task, but I think it would be really useful to link to good quality how-to guides for these skills.

    Great job!

  10. Yvette

    Thank you so much for providing these lists. I used them to help me articulate my skills for each program on a job application.

      1. Paul Hammond

        I recently took a basic OTC course ,Excel, Word,PowerPoint &Outlook, all basic functions dealt with Microsoft apps, were 2013.

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  12. Myra

    This will be a wonderful resource for my clients who ask me how they can check their staff’s skill levels.
    You have done an excellent job of putting together these checklists.
    I have been in the Application Training field for 25 years and find that the topics you have included for each level are very appropriate. Thank you very much.

  13. Emer/London UK

    Thank you for taking the time to do these check lists. They are excellent and have been so helpful to me.
    Every Recruitment Agencies/Temp Agencies should use/recommend these.

  14. Ann

    Excellent resource! It really helped me in assessing my skill levels and identify areas for improvement in order to further develop my skills.


  15. Beccy

    Huge thanks for providing these checklists !! I’m in the process of developing some in-house training for staff and this has made my job so much easier 🙂

  16. MBH

    Finally! This was EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I wanted a checklist to begin checking off the things I should know, and likewise the things I need to learn or revisit and learn.

    Thank you!

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  18. S

    Good morning Dan,

    Your checklists for MS Office Skills are tremendous. Is there a checklist for Adobe Acrobat Reader?

  19. Kristie Weltmer

    Hey, Dan, thank you for this list, I’m sure that MS Word lovers will find this really helpful. Having several templates to model after is always better than having a limited choice. 🙂

    Your readers can also check out this article: It also has a simple and easy-to-edit Microsoft Word Template, plus a Process management tool that they might find very useful for their marketing processes.

  20. Teri

    Thank you Dan for the checklists! It’s amazing to see how much I knew that I didn’t even realize. I created a checklist based on yours, to bring with me to my next interview. I really like your idea, it’s very useful!


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