Consider blogging your way out of a career rut

Establishing a blog related to your career can cure a lot of ills. Feeling stuck in a rut is just one. It has never been easier and the benefits have never been clearer.

12 benefits from a career-related blog:

  1. Blogging  gives you, not your employer or anyone else, total control over the heart of career management, your personal brand.
  2. Here’s your chance to broadcast the experience and wisdom you have accumulated in your professional career. You can answer those questions that no one ever asks or provide the advice to a newcomer that you wish someone would tell them.
  3. You don’t need anyone’s permission to write a blog post, assuming your aren’t revealing proprietary information.
  4. Blogging showcases your body of work for public viewing for as long as you wish, independent of shifting priorities of your employers or clients. that is especially valuable if your work is of contract nature, or employment is uncertain.
  5. Blogging supports your career management by providing continuity to your professional relationships. Interruptions in your employment have no impact on your blog community.
  6. Your blog will supply your job search efforts with an inventory of relevant attention-grabbing content for the cover letter and resume and excellent responses to many of the most common job interview questions.
  7. The simple fact that you maintain a blog is a great ice-breaker for the job interview. As few other candidates will have a blog, your application will be distinct with a prospective employer. it is very likely that they will have viewed the blog before a first interview. Just in case, though, bring a hard copy of a few recent and relevant posts with you.
  8. The content of your blog clearly exhibits your value proposition to a prospective employer, including your commitment to lifelong learning.
  9. Blogging creates close connections with influential people in your field. Imagine having people look you up at the next industry conference because they already know and respect your knowledge!
  10. Blogging puts an introvert on an equal footing (at least)! That’s why introverts are over-represented in social media.
  11. The need for fresh blog content provides all the motivation you will ever need to search for relevant knowledge outside your field.
  12. In summary, as a known curator of knowledge in your field, you will become “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” as Cal Newport advocates in his new book of the same name.

Launching a new blog doesn’t have to cost a nickel and you can work on it at your own pace and your own convenience. What’s keeping you?

Just a few days ago, Antonio Cangiano listed 10 benefits a technical professional can expect to receive from a technical blog. The list above was inspired by that excellent post. Check it out for more great arguments for starting your blog today.

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