5 Reasons Microsoft Office Skills Need Proof

Proving Microsoft Word or Excel Skills to an employer even before they call can boost your credibility.

Prove your skills with a checklist

Prove your skills with a checklist

Most job postings specify Advanced Microsoft Office Skills, but not every interviewer confirms those skills for every applicant by asking a specific question.  But there are situations where they will need to know that you really have those skills or are just gambling that they won’t ask or will accept an evasive or vague answer.

When your Microsoft Office Skills need proof, nothing less will substitute.

Begin by clarifying in your own mind exactly what is included in an advanced level of skills and then make sure you can actually perform them!

Here are 5 situations when vague, unsupported responses to job interview questions just won’t do and your Microsoft Office Skills need proof.

1. Your MS Office skills are better than your work history suggests

If you have lots of relevant experience in positions requiring Microsoft Office skills, the interviewer may not ask you about them.

On the other hand, if very basic skills are likely all that’s needed in your current position and the employer needs advanced proficiency, they will be more skeptical and require evidence. and that just might mean they don’t invite you for an interview. 

2. Your Microsoft Office skills grew through self-study

If your resume lists recently completed courses, that may be sufficient to satisfy the prospective employer. However, if you acquired your high level of skills by self-study, it’s hard to credibly convey that to an employer. Don’t let that be a barrier. There’s another way to provide the assurance they need.

3. Advanced Microsoft Office skills really are essential for this job

For some positions, a high level of competence in these skills is more than “nice to have”. The interviewer, won’t risk the embarrassment of finding out  after hiring you that your Microsoft Office skills are woefully inadequate. Knowing that should motivate you to address that concern with credible evidence.

4. You are a long-shot applicant for a position

An intriguing job opportunity has just arisen for which you consider yourself a weak applicant. With short notice, you can’t acquire skills you don’t already have and you have plenty of other work to do before submitting your application. Preparing evidence of those skills well in advance can give you the confidence to apply for positions you might otherwise pass over.

5. You apply for short-term positions

For a position lasting only a few months, the employer won’t spend money to upgrade your skills. Credibly communicating that you have strong skills that you are ready to apply immediately can makes you a more attractive job applicant.

Use The Free Checklists when your Microsoft Office Skills need proof

Learning to anticipate and address objections is essential for success in a sales career. If you are currently seeking employment or expect to do so in the future, you are in sales whether you know it or not!

Anticipating objections well in advance is far better than thinking on your feet in the middle of an interview.

For some helpful skills checklists that can help you to let an employer know exactly what your level of proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office software, check out the MS Office Skills Checklists page!

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