5 simple career blog strategies for a first-time blogger

Launching a new blog it may seem like an intimidating project but it doesn’t need to be.

In my last post, I listed 12 benefits of a career-related blog. They are just a start.

If you aren’t sure how to get started on a blog to boost your career out of its rut, there is lots of help available. Start here with a great post and podcast from Michael Hyatt.

What subject matter you could write about might be a mystery for you.

6 ways to find blogging topics:

  1. If you are new to your field, write about your experience. Perhaps “things they didn’t tell me in vet school about life as a veterinarian. Or “10 valuable tips for your first day in a law office”.
  2. If your field is changing rapidly and your experience gives you insights about the future that not everyone else seems to have, research the leading edge of the related literature and find blog topics there. Maybe “ways that being a small-town plumber is about to change”.
  3. If the history of your profession interests you, research topics of interest to you and blog topics will naturally fall out.
  4. If there are legal or outsourcing trends that threaten the status quo in your field, is that good or bad?
  5. If there are individuals in your field who aren’t being recognized but should be, there is a nice series of blog topics.
  6. There is certain to be at least one person already blogging about your field. Provide your take about what they are saying. Your attention will only benefit them. And you.

WARNING: before you start reading advice for new bloggers, keep your goals simple for now. Unless you intend the blog to be a source of income, you don’t need thousands of followers or even hundreds.

Depending on how you intend to benefit from the blog, its more about the content that you put up than the numbers of people who actually subscribe. You could put up a fair bit of content quickly and start benefiting right away. So you can ignore the hype, unless you choose not to.

Launching a blog is not a trivial undertaking but the benefits to a serious careerist can be worthwhile.

“The secret to picking a topic is to choose something specific enough that you can become known for it, and yet broad enough that everybody needs it.”-Cavett Robert

6 thoughts on “5 simple career blog strategies for a first-time blogger

  1. Changing Lanes

    Thank you so much for this post. I am all new to the blogging world and I am worried that my blog is not streamlined/specific enough. I dont claim to be an expert in the field but all the posts that I published were genuinely relevant to me in some way. Feel free to visit and live some feedback.

    PS. I love your blog. I always start my week with checking for new posts… 🙂

  2. Hassaan Khan

    Mr. Dan,

    Great blog. I’m a blogging student and learner. I would like to give you a simple suggestion with modesty, which is ‘you should add your blog categories on the main menu to engage more people.


    Keep blogging Sir!

    Hassaan Khan


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