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Ace the “Three Best Qualities” Interview Question

   At 30 a man should know himself like the palm of his hand, know the exact number of his defects and qualities, know how far he can go, foretell his failures – be what he is. And, above all, accept these things. Albert Camus

Four intense, impatient faces await your answer. What are your three best qualities? Four pens poised to scribble frantically as soon as you begin to speak. Later, they’ll scrutinize each choice for profound implications.

Choose 3 QualitiesIf they hope for deep insights, you are willing to settle for much less. Just three different qualities would be nice. in fact, you’re struggling just to name one. None of the qualities that come to mind sound credible even to you.

You might have reached age 50 without ever being asked to name your three best qualities under any circumstances. Especially not when anything important was on the line.

I sympathize. Most of the positions for which I was hired before my academic career were very casual conversations, and they don’t ask you to name your three best qualities when they interview you for a position as a business professor.

But in 2014 you need to be able to provide your three qualities so that they can write them down in the little spaces on the interview form. you do not want to leave it blank! Continue reading